Roles: Art Direction Tech Art UI for Sorbonne Université

I led art for the 3D reconstitution of the antic roman theatre of Orange, France. The goal was to recreate the setting and mood of this once important place of entertainement & political roman life, and use it as a setting for a 3D game of riddles.

Based on a intial, historic-accurate model, we adapted it for real-time rendering, decreased poly count & texture size, and ajusted its design for it to be playable in first-person view.

I worked on the conception & preproduction, guiding a junior team of artists on 3D assets & UI.

Different characters inhabit the theatre, giving quests & hints to the player

To coach the team effectively, I proposed to move by iterations. The game had to run on low-end computers, so we benchmarked each time we wanted to add a feature. The game is using baked lightmap textures & motionless characters.

A paintover to express the desired light mood to the team
Final 3D model for one of the 10 characters
A paintover on top of a 3D model, to guide iterations
First concept art for the game
One of the props used in gameplay. Unlit texture
User Interface design