Hello! ☘️

I'm Charles Boury, art director for video games.
I make interactive pictures to expose complex rules and dream of a better future.
I worked with different teams on award‑winning games, and shipped a dozen finished products.

What I can bring to your team

My core strength is graphic production with Photoshop and Blender, and lively scene setting with Unity. I craft polished, detailed animated screens as well as quick game mockups. I set and follow an artistic direction that will be appealing and memorable.

I have a lot of experience with designing and illustrating video games, finding an effective mix between fun and content. I see videogames as an invaluable tool to explore complex systems. Because I respect the time of people that will play my games, I spend time looking at how to best convey something. I bring informed point of view to the design team on gameplay, user experience, and tone.

As a creative coder, I know how to make a game, down to the compiler. As a consequence, I understand what the console log is saying, I see through the matrix of text‑serialized Unity scenes, and I know how to tame Git. I take care of my tools, and am eager to help others. I have been in the position of technical artist in several teams. I'm pleased when there's generative coding or hand‑written shaders on the menu.

What I'm looking for

I'm looking for fulfilling visual design work where I can be part of a nice team creating interactive experiences. I don't want to be too prescriptive about what that might be, but here are some things I seek.

As for style/aesthetic, mine is multiple and subjected to the project. I thrive when there's a contemplative world to give birth to.


I’m open for every new experience in artistic direction and creative coding.
I'm always interested to hear of new opportunities, so please get in touch! I'm very much up for meetings and chats over coffee about possible projects.


Thanks! 💛