Charles Boury



2D Environment Arts & Art Direction for a game that lets you explore the romantic and sensible story of the classic novel Frankenstein. Produced by Arte.


Visual Identity and UI of the Schmilblick app, a crowdfunded game to help associations of public interest.


Personal project. Designed and programmed a zelda‑1 clone with cute graphics. Special attention to details and polish.


Web design & dev of several websites, including one for an architecture agency and one for a political newspaper, with original navigations.


Math games, Dragonbox. Designed interactive mockups and graphical identities of successful mobile games, inventing manipulatives to learn algebra, geometry, rigor and autonomy in new ways enabled by touch devices.

The New York Times review: “The most impressive math education app I've seen [...] Its clever design can teach all sorts of complex algebra concepts without making children feel as if they are learning mathematics.”


Game design internship, CNRS. Worked with researchers on a collection of mini-games to understand pros and cons of wind energy. Helped to write an article about serious‑tone games.